Lantos Mihály

Practelligent (a Lépéselőny filmsorozat angolul)

3 hours 03 minutes video 6 students (+3) Moblie friendly For everybody English Rewatchable multiple times

Who is the course intended for?

The Practelligent video series teaches elementary, middle school, high school, and adult students how they can meet their learning requirements in the most optimal way. It teaches them how to build up their own, personalized learning strategy through which they can gain real, experience-filled, lasting knowledge in less time.

Watch the first two episodes for free and decide if it will be useful for you too!

Why is it worth purchasing?

The Practelligent video series shows you how you can use the already-existing brilliance of your brain without having to change its fundamental operations.

We will help you implement the simple but profound abilities you have been using since your birth, not only making you a better student, but giving you the opportunity to enjoy your youth, and giving you enough free time to discover the world.

Take control of your learning!

About the course

In the 12-part Practelligent video series, we introduce the beautiful world of the mind, all while providing step-by-step instructions on how you can develop your individual learning strategy as you are introduced to your various abilities.

You can watch each video consistently or separately, anytime and anywhere, all while completing the tasks provided in it whenever you would like to. Sometimes we even surprise you with gifts.


1. The Causes of the Problem Preview 10:58
I am your exhausted learning spirit. I once again wish to be joyful, creative, and happy, and I want the same for you too! Let me show you the effective learning strategies I’ve used over the last six years, you can use any of them whenever you wish.
2. The Basics Preview 14:30
Let’s analyze how we’ve reached the point where learning has become a painful, difficult, and boring task, and why we often feel like we’d rather be doing other, much more exciting activities instead.
3. The Activation Techniques
3. The Activation Techniques 13:43
If you are more efficient in learning all the knowledge of the 21st century, you can decide what you want to do with your life, you can be happier, and you won't be told by others what to do, where to stand, and what kind of face to make.
4. Desires, Goals, and Plans
4. Desires, Goals, and Plans 13:26
It’s especially important that you set goals, because for your brain these are specific and clear instructions.
5. The Comfort Zone
5. The Comfort Zone 12:12
Think about the school material you said you don’t understand and can’t learn. How many hundreds of thousands of people have learned it before you? You aren’t any worse than those hundreds of thousands of people who were able to learn this.
6. Relaxation
6. Relaxation 14:50
Relaxation is the state in which we can learn calmly, creatively, and experientially. If your body is tense, your mind will be too; if you’re stressed, your body tenses up too, and so you need to overcome both situations to learn more effectively.
7. Positive Thinking
7. Positive Thinking 12:08
It’s a natural part of life that we may sometimes have negative thoughts, but the question is how long we are willing to carry them with us, and whether we will let them overwhelm us.
8. Imagination
8. Imagination 18:13
You can remember even the most difficult learning materials with imagination, creativity, playfulness, or humour. This makes learning more fun, helps you understand information, and makes it easier to remember that information.
9. Mind Mapping
9. Mind Mapping 15:57
If, until now, you’ve taken notes based on your class or your textbook, think through what you wrote on the page. The main subject? The keywords? Do you remember the information connected to those notes? If not, let me show you how you can work on this!
10. Freshness
10. Freshness 18:22
We can do a lot for our bodies to stay energetic and healthy, but also for our brains to be ready to jump into action at any time. We just need to pay attention to them and give them the fuel which they need to function.
11. Learning Habits
11. Learning Habits 22:44
You can develop any kind of habit you want. But always raise the question to yourself: is this a useful and good habit? If so, use it! If not, change it! All these good habits serve your well-being.
12. What You Should Do Now
12. What You Should Do Now 16:30
Constant struggles won’t make us happy; we’ll be happy if we know how to bring the best out of ourselves, motivating us to work hard and work joyfully.